First blog post ever - clueless DIYers/Gardeners

We have just bought our first house together in the West Midlands and are settling in.  

We now have a lot of work ahead of us as this house and garden have been unloved for many years having been empty for 12 months, a student rental prior to that and an NHS registered business before that.  The walls from the adjoining house were knocked through to create a larger building - this is now all bricked up and the houses have been returned to two semi-detached properties.

Our aim is to develop our complete lack of DIY/Gardening skills and transform the garden into a destination for friends and family to enjoy - watch this space!

This little house was built and first sold in September 1934 just at the end of the Art Deco Period.  The road forms a long crescent shape meaning we are lucky to have gained quite a nice sized outside space due to the positioning of the house on the bend in the road.


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