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Splash of colour

We have spent some time outside as the weather is warming up.  We have cut the grass removing lots of dead growth and moss. We discovered a lovely stone circle in the grass with an outer circle further down the garden.  This looks to have been used to level a burning vestibule at some point in its life.   We are lucky enough to have found about 20 terracotta pots that have been abandoned in the undergrowth.  We have put some of these to good use by having a quick trip to our local Homebase and buying some Aubrietia and some essential herbs. 

Seating - creating an area to enjoy the garden

No matter how unkept, tidy, large or small your garden is I would recommend investing in some furniture so that you can sit outside with a glass of bubbly to take in the sights, sounds and scents.   Easy-peasy flat-pack.  Position your furniture somewhere private that isn't overlooked, or create that area with tall containerised plants such as Bamboo - be careful to pick one that won't be rampant - a clump-forming one is the best for this purpose. 1 hour later... This was a really simple set to fit together, made entirely of strong weather-proof resin, and parts that clicked into place.  I had opened the box and set it all up in about 45 minutes.   Raining again! We chose a rattan effect resin set which we could leave out all day in all seasons due to the unpredictable British weather.  We just take in the cushions and stack it against the wall over winter.