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Recently I enrolled on an RHS Level 2 in Practical Horticulture and we have been learning about weeds.  Apart from the Dandelion I haven't really held them in high regard.  However, adjusting my mindset and thinking of them as plants in the wrong place, has helped a bit.   Learning the Botanical names for these was a challenge as weeds aren't something I've paid too much attention to. (Apart from pulling them out of the ground and fighting a losing battle).  But now that I have learn't them, i've started noticing weeds more and the types of habitats that they grow in. Yes, i've become that irritating person* who can spot a plant a mile off and identify it in Latin. (*sarcasm, i'm actually rather happy about this development) It's not just the Genus and species i've been paying attention to.  It's been their preferred environment and their life-cycle.  With this knowledge I can (hopefully) learn how to control them more successfully in my own