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New year, same old me. Thankfully.

Last year I promised the garden that I would  bring new gardening practises and refinement, new plants and cohesion.  I'm not sure if I managed the refinement and cohesion but I definitely kept my other promises. I didn't use any chemical pesticides in the garden at all.  I had thought that this would be really challenging.  There are aisles full of various killing products in the garden centres, they've even made their way into the supermarket. They are so easy to just pop in your basket. Well it's been a simple adjustment.  It has meant thinking differently about the garden and its place in the wider ecosystem where one creepy-crawly eating a leaf is feeding a frog, that is feeding a bird and so on.   During 2019 I opting for two types of nematodes to combat my biggest issues in the garden, namely slugs/snails and vine weevils. I also brewed some nettles and made a concentrated spray that helps with aphids.  I've noticed a big difference, mainly more birds