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Beautiful shady border

The shady border beneath the Goat Willow is doing well, the colour of the plant foliage and the various purple shades from the Heuchera Blackberry Jam, the Salvia and the Delphiniums look striking with the grey of the fences as a backdrop, this was a great colour choice. 

Pond update

The Wildlife Pond looks spectacular with the Hostas in flower and the Gunnera also doing extremely well.  

Pressure washer

This weekend we have been having fun with a Karcher pressure washer which we have been using to clean the concrete slabs on the patio before we decide what we would like long-term.  Using the pressure washer has proved to be a very effective way of brightening up the space, we have also applied it to the front driveway of the house too.

Gardeners' World Live 2016

Our third and possibly final (for the time being) trip to Gardeners' World Live  has happened today, after 3 trips we feel we have seen everything it has to offer. Next year we are planning to attend an RHS event!  Our trusty gardening trug Another Iguana 

Garden design progress & Fences

We are now concentrating on the third circle having spent some time laying the stone circle.  We have invested in an obelisk for more climbers and have fenced the other side of the garden - these will be painted slate grey to create a uniform space.