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How gardening has helped me remain sane(ish)

Having received a formal diagnosis of Autism after a lengthy waiting time I thought I’d share my experience and how gardening has helped me develop coping strategies.     This diagnosis has been a shock and a relief in equal measure.     As I’ve opened up about it to a few people on this journey I’ve literally had every reaction: acceptance, obliviousness, denial.     I must have become an expert at masking and avoidance. From a young age growing up in the ‘80s/‘90s I struggled with social anxiety, depression, and self-harm.    I remember secondary school in all its painful detail.    I avoided playtime by wandering the corridors or finding an empty classroom to sit in.    I dreaded PE lessons if you can call that car-crash a learning experience.    I was not really listening in class, not being educated, not having my well-being checked, not interested. I can still name all of my bullies 30 years on. I always felt like I was on the peripheral of life looking in. Not quite connecting w