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More seeds

In my last post about the joys of seed propagation I tried a new approach.  I chilled a complete sowing tray in the fridge.  Limited space has forced my hand to try something different this time.  The Actaea simplex (think Astilbe on acid) and Verbena bonariensis being willing participants. The former came from the RHS Seed List and the latter from flower-heads in the garden.  Having waited for the flowers to fade completely and the stems to brown (January) I waited for a dry couple of days so that the material had lost all moisture.  I cut the top few inches off some of the plants and shook them over a container whilst rubbing gently against the palm of my hand.   The Verbena seeds are tiny in size, brown on one side and whitish on the other, theres a couple of them below amongst the seed-heads.  I suppose they are shaped like tiny cocktail sausages.  You get lots of other materials with them when you shake the flower-heads.  I'm afraid life is too short to be separating the s