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First Harvest

We have our first harvest - some apples from the little tree down the left hand side of the garden.  The tree isn't planted in the best position really and leans into the garden on a bit of a slope. However, the fruit taste delicious - really sweet, juicy and crunchy, so we are going to stake the tree and hope for the best. We have no clue what variety  of apple we have gained but we have deduced that they could be Cox, Gaia or perhaps Worcester Pearmain. The fruit are uniform in size and round with a green skin and red stripes over the top.

Leaf mould

Having lots of trees in the close vicinity of our garden means that we get a lot of leaf-fall onto the lawn.  We have looked into this and found that we can use most leaves to create our very own  leaf mould  which Monty always seems to me using on Gardeners' World .  They can also be placed in bin-bags and tied at the top but we have opted for chicken-wire containers which I think look less ghastly.  Hopefully in 12 months we can use this