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Happy 18th!

Last year we p lanted and staked our 18th tree, I have promised myself (well my partner) that this will be the final one.  I'm not sure how realistic that is at this stage as if I could grow a forest I would quite happily meet that challenge.   This time it was a Malus 'Rudolph' half standard.  This tree promises to behave itself and remain petit which is perfect for where I have positioned it, halfway down the garden and a meter and a half away from a fenced border.  Directly in front is a dwarf Cherry, my aim is to create a layered effect as your eye is drawn down the garden.  The trees will camouflage the woodland border beyond.   Today the tree has begun to blossom and I could not be happier.  Having always wanted red/pink blossom I am very pleased to see this gorgeous display.  It's pretty obvious why this is named 'Rudolph' and I'm looking forward to the changes in the seasons as the tree yields fruit and the leaves change colour towards autumn.