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We have shopped around and bought an 8x6foot Potting-Shed which we have ensured is the right way around to get most of the sunlight during the day to aid seed germination, its angled glazing should assist with this too.   We built this ourselves over the weekend, it wasn't difficult and we saved £100 on paying the delivery guys to do it for us, the most challenging part for us was levelling and preparing the ground for the plastic base to sit the shed upon.  Looks great - now to paint it when the weather improves!

Vital statistics

As the new year gets underway our aim is to concentrate on the overall garden design, the type of planting we want and what the garden needs - the right plants for the right places. Aims Our overall aim is to create a relaxing space with  lush vegetation that attracts wildlife as it all  establishes. Size The garden is a long rectangle of 306m2 measuring 8.5 wide and 36 long, so quite narrow. According to Gardeners' World a small garden is anything up to 300m2. Looking at other sources online the Horticultural Trades Association report that average UK garden size is 14m2 - tiny.  I guess these stats take into account people who live in gardenless apartments and new-build properties (as have we in the not so distant past)  Soil We've performed the jam-jar soil test today by taking some soil from a depth of 6 inches and popping it in a glass straight-sided jam jar, adding water giving it a good shake and waiting for it to settle. The layers indicate the type of soi

Happy New Year

As the new year starts we are reflecting on how far we have come over the last two years.  Pretty incredible really and just shows the gardens potential.