Thank you for visiting my gardening blog that is based around our Central England garden.  

I have always enjoyed being outdoors and have been interested in wildlife, trees and general greenery since an early age.  When I was 13, before the age of the internet, I purchased my first book to help me identify garden birds.

As a young boy growing up in a village I remember being fascinated by plants and nature.  Chasing butterflies with a net on a stick, stringing buttercups and daisies together, digging in the mud with my bucket and spade and drying flowers and leaves in a wooden flower press.  The clues were always there.

This blog is presented in the form of a personal reflection.  It charts our gardening journey (my Husband and I) to the present.  It is written in our own words with all the pictures being taken by us.  

I have enjoyed and continue to find joy in this gardening journey as I develop my passion.  We are put on this earth to learn and gain knowledge and I am happy to share our journey for others. 

I hope the posts within this blog have positive impact. 

Thank you for reading.     



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