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Double figures

Having reached the giddy heights of 10 °C this week I have taken the opportunity to get outside and take some pictures.  These small signs on spring amongst the brown and the grey, are very much appreciated. Additionally mulching the Camellia and the Magnolia with a generous layer of ericaceous soil and feeding both with Sulphate of Potash will hopefully promote strong healthy growth later.

Spring border plan

This year we have a relatively large south-facing border to plant, this is quite a new challenge as most of the garden has remained in shade/partial shade up to now.  The area measures 6m in length and is backed by fencing.  It  has a curved outer edge as it follows the route of a gravel path.  This curvature provides differing depths of between 1.5 - 2.5m.   Last year the area was a challenge to plant because of the tall trees in the surrounding area blocking out most of the afternoon sun and the soil remaining boggy (heavy clay).  However, now that these trees have been removed and we have been improving the soil with bark mulch and homemade leafmould, we are looking forward to having sunshine throughout the day in this spot.   The bed currently houses two dwarf apple trees on the left.  There are several Alium bulbs scattered through the border too that I am keen to retain, a Himalayan Birch (Betula Snow queen), Dogwood ( Cornus alba 'Sibirica') and Lady's mant