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A slight contraction to having a garden for wildlife (that's the future plan) having a Cat but we love our little feline friends especially when we can rescue one from the Cats Protection League and provide it with a safe and loving home.   Buffy ready to pounce (on moth probably)!  Welcome the newest addition to the family Buffy, named after the fabulous Buffy Summers .  Ironically Buffy isn't anything like Buffy the Vampire Slayer and is a quiet timid little thing that loves her own space usually in a room by herself upstairs.  She is very spoilt and has her very own double bed in one of the spare bedrooms - occasionally kicked out when we have guests.  

Right plant wrong place

I am a great believer in finding the right plant (well tree in this case) for the right place.  Whilst Holly Trees have great benefits for wildlife this one is definitely in the wrong place being just 4 meters from the house and blocking out so much light.  It is right up against the wall of our neighbours extension too. I have been eyeing it up for removal since we moved in - we are just going to go for it with our extendable clippers and a hand-saw. Get yourself a fit gardener! This has been exhausting work but we are so pleased with the results.  That thick tree trunk can wait for a later day to come down though.