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I’ve bought a Conifer…

Having loathed coniferous trees for my lifetime, I’ve bought a conifer.  It’s taken an RHS Ident test and years of reflection to get to this point. Flashback to 2015 when we removed some hideous trees from the garden filling several skips:  They were grouped together on the boundary and taller than the property. Absolutely hideous and typical of gardening choices of the past in the UK. I’ve wanted some taller evergreen structure in the garden for a while.  A neighbours out-building has recently been reroofed so something to eventually disguise this is would be rather nice. Also, a bit of evergreen foliage to soften the fence line during the winter would be beneficial. Whilst walking to a pub for lunch last week a gorgeous droopy-branched bright green fir tree that was planted in totally the wrong place in a tiny front garden, caught my eye. Its gorgeous green soft fronds tempting me to touch them was thrilling. I do love a tactil