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Goodbye trees

To bring more light into the garden, 2 of the 3 trees from the row of Conifers towards the back of the garden are finally coming down with the help of a strong man with a power tool. We are leaving the tree to the far left in place for the time being to retain some evergreen accents. We have managed this ourselves without the help of professionals because the trees all lean in towards the garden and are not near any houses.  They are also relatively small and narrow - around 8 meters in height and 2 meters wide. The rings on the stumps indicate these trees have been in-situ for about 15 years.  A very proud Lumberjack!

Investing some time

We have decided to invest some time and energy in adding some plants to the outside space (and some obligatory tat too). Another Woodland Wilf addition Lovely Lavender As we don't know what design we want in the garden yet we are going to mainly put plants in pots and move them around until we figure it all out and have done some research.   Starting to look good We've bought some architecturally striking plants with a beautiful Day Lily and an All Black Phormium - and no garden is complete without a Lavender.