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Beetles and (kidney) stones

The winter months become a time to reflect on expectations and reality.  What has worked, what has over-achieved, and what has under-performed.  As I take it all in I realise how far we have come this year, despite the barriers I've been faced with over the last few months.  With the leaves cleared, what remains is a scattering of evergreen shrubs, a selection of perennial stems, an icy-cold pond and a layer of half-rotted bark-mulch.  The attractive seed-heads are a reminder of the lush plants that once filled the space.  Colour and scent a distant memory, the gold dust within their long-since fallen petals, a reminder of the lively pollination activity that took place.    For me, this is a time when the bare bones are plain to see and it becomes the ideal opportunity to plan next years transformation. At some point I would like to create a green and white border where every inflorescence is pure white, the foliage striking in form and bright green.  I would a