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That massive blob in the pond is frogspawn, we have a working Wildlife Pond, yes it really was that easy - amazing! 

Garden design progress

We have commenced the garden design by digging the soil out for the pathways and moving it to the bottom of the garden, we have bought some landscaping material, edging and off-white grit and have finally completed the first of two circles after some intensive manual work.  We are really pleased with the overall look and feel of the garden.  

Wheelbarrow Rockery

Our wheelbarrow is battered, rusty and beyond repair so we have recycled it and bought a plastic one as a replacement.   We have re-used it by drilling drainage holes in the bottom, mixing 50% John Innes no 2 with 50% horticultural grit filling it and then planting a selection of our favourite alpines into it.  We have then topped it off with some larger stones for interest and the remaining grit.   We think it looks great and we can wheel it around to change its planting position. 

First J Parkers order

We've made out first JParkers order encouraged by the healthy 10% discount we receive with Gardeners' World Magazine .  We have ordered a delicious Honeysuckle for a future project and a summer Jasmine to grow over the arch.