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Lockdown transition from Spring to Summer

This whole pandemic has been an odd one for me.   I continue to work from home on a full-time basis whilst I observe many who appear to be either bored or, enjoying learning loads  of new skills - if that is gardening then the more the merrier.    I think I've probably gardened less this year.  This is due a number of factors including my change in working arrangements.  To add to this, like many, m y current office is the same place that I normally relax in the evenings.  I have therefore partly swapped gardening for running, sometimes up-to 5 times a week.  It is a way to free my mind of work commitments, to meditate, to find oneness, and to re-energise.  When I originally wrote this post, I was reflecting on life post-marriage, and it was timed for a Spring publication date that I never got round to sending.  That seems to be a pattern at the moment.  Although, to give me credit, I have begun reading The Jungle Garden which I highly recommend.   Normally, Spring cannot come aro