Lockdown transition from Spring to Summer

This whole pandemic has been an odd one for me.  I continue to work from home on a full-time basis whilst I observe many who appear to be either bored or, enjoying learning loads of new skills - if that is gardening then the more the merrier.   

I think I've probably gardened less this year.  This is due a number of factors including my change in working arrangements.  To add to this, like many, my current office is the same place that I normally relax in the evenings.  I have therefore partly swapped gardening for running, sometimes up-to 5 times a week.  It is a way to free my mind of work commitments, to meditate, to find oneness, and to re-energise. 

When I originally wrote this post, I was reflecting on life post-marriage, and it was timed for a Spring publication date that I never got round to sending.  That seems to be a pattern at the moment.  Although, to give me credit, I have begun reading The Jungle Garden which I highly recommend.  

Normally, Spring cannot come around quick enough.  The Winter dragged its damp and frost-biten feet this year.  The many storms bringing with them cold, wet and windy nights didn't help.  Fence panels had been strewn across the garden and weekends spent trapped indoors were not a good use of time.  

National Trust membership has been a great help although, more recently, Covid 19 has put a stop to that.  It had encouraged us to escape our bubble and get out more.  Over the Winter we had visited Hanbury Hall and Packwood House which, despite the season, provided us with nourishment.  This display caught my eye, and if we move to a larger garden this is something I would like to adopt as a piece of theatre.  I just love its eye-catching, earthy-simplicity.

This year has seen my first attempt (yes, really), at root cuttings.  Covering it as a technique on the RHS L2 programme definitely helped me with my confidence.  I had chosen Japanese Anemone 'Honorine Jobert' as I wanted to increase the stock of them for the White Border - they are quite pricey to buy as plants too.  I posted about the simple method I followed to achieve the results below, which are now almost ready to plant out.

As I look towards an uncertain future, there are many things to distract me and help me to find my centre of gravity.  

As always, please provide any insight or feedback in the space below.  :) 
Happy gardening! 


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