Well overdue post - transforming a patio

Having had a break from writing on these pages, I felt it was as good a time as any to return with transformative news, both in reinstating the original name of this blog 'SuburbanGaze' but also of the outside space.  

Over the summer months of lockdown I began researched ideas around renewing the patio.  We had spent so much time concentrating on plants and nature that we had forgotten our own basic needs.   So many options to choose from, so many trawls through Google images to find inspiration.  I knew we needed a large flat area with a built in pergola for shade but all off-the-shelf models lacked the bold clean and dark masculine straight lines that I was looking for.

I realised quickly that our needs were not catered for and I would need to design something from scratch.  So the process began, like so much in the outside space a lot of thought and planning has gone into it.

The problem: A hideous eighties patio, hiding a revolting fifties concrete patio beneath with an endless amount of sharp sand sandwiched in between.  With uneven trip-hazards, weeds in between almost every slab, no shade from the summer sun, patio furniture that had seen better days, it just looked messy and unloved.

The solution: Create a raised deck with a four post pergola rising from hidden joists.  Utilise boards to create a roofing framework, uniformly colour with black ash garden paint and finish with roofing battens oiled to match the decking.  

Work began in the fourth quarter of the year, slabs were recycled down the allotment, sand was shifted and dug into the garden beds, the wooden joist framework began to take shape.

Over a couple of months we built the deck, taking our time to learn the best practice as we progressed.  Then we had a warm weekend and the roofing battens were oiled.  Before we knew it we had finished the job.

We squeezed in building a dining table and bench too using scaffold boards.  We are really happy and it all matches the look we were after.  We can't wait to have friends over for some al-fresco eats.  

Just need some warm days and nights to get the deck oiled to complete the appearance then we can relocate some planters back in place.

The planters that we built from leftover decking boards are now heaving with spring bulbs, very much looking forward to seeing a bright display of tulips from the kitchen window. 

The end of lockdown can't come soon enough, looking forwards to celebrating life and fun times with friends again. 


Unknown said…
lovely blog and patio!
Jelliebean said…
Absolutely beautiful garden and terrace! Well done both, a pleasure to read. Wonderful transformation!
Thank you so much for your lovely comments! :)

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