Skip & Wheelbarrow

I cannot begin to convey the amount of manual work we have both done in the garden to-date. We have uncovered several hundred meters of weed-suppressing material which was under several inches of heavy clay soil all around the garden.  We also found it beneath the stone circles in the lawn and the makeshift rockery to the left and another planting bed further down containing a Lilac Tree.

Much to our neighbours dismay as she loves it, we have ripped this tree out - it reminds me of the weeds that you see growing rampantly on waste ground. (usually in the vicinity of train stations within the UK) 

Along the right-hand border hidden beneath the landscaping material we have found a concrete path the full length of the garden.  This is made up of huge rectangle patio slabs and then further down, hollow breeze blocks - so incredibly heavy.  These have been filled with large pebbles mixed with liquid concrete prior to being placed in the ground.

Beneath the concrete path is yet more weed-suppressing landscaping material. :( 

We have uncovered several hundred pavers but I'm sure these can be put to good use elsewhere - every cloud... :)

I am so happy to have a wheelbarrow right now

Skip 1 - wasn't big enough, who were we kidding? seriously that baby bath had been dumped outside too

Skip 2 - went up a size

A lot of the tree trunks that we have cut down earlier have gone into this skip, most of the branches have been put through a wood chipper that we invested in.  We also advertised some logs on Freecycle and gave some away to a friend who has a wood-burning stove. 

With each month that passes the garden is being improved and we are enjoying the quality time we spend together working on our project.  


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