Wildlife Pond

We have been doing some background reading and online research about creating the perfect wildlife garden.  Everything we have read is directing us towards creating a wildlife pond (one without fish).

There are some rules that we need to bear in mind, these being: ensuring the depth at the deepest point is at least 60cm so that male frogs can hibernate over the winter without being frozen (female frogs hibernate on land), flat shelves to place plants on at the sides and probably most importantly a slow slope towards one edge with a beach so that small mammals and insects can climb out of the pond without drowning.

We have used the area where the Air Raid Shelter formerly was as it gets some sunshine for part of the day and is at the far end of the garden protected by the surrounding fences also the soil at the back is probably the highest concentration of clay we have.

We have shaped some soil over the remaining walls of the shelter and then added fleece for insulation/protection from rips before adding a waterproof membrane.

From the same Garden Centre we have also bought some native aquatic plants, aquatic soil and some special planting baskets.

We have added some pebbles at the beach end of the pond to enable entry and safe exit. And of course we have added the obligatory Woodland Wilf too.  We are really happy with this addition to the garden.