Gardeners' World Live 2015

This has been our second trip to Gardeners' World Live in Birmingham (we also visited last year).  The trick is to arrive early before the 9am opening and get in that queue with the other early-risers.  

When the gates open dash around the entire show in under 90 minutes.  Then get out before the hordes of people arrive - it gets extremely busy towards 11am 

Then you have the rest of the day free to have lunch somewhere and enjoy your garden.

This year we weren't as clueless as the previous year, its amazing what you can pick-up in such a relatively short space of time reading online sources, visiting gardens and garden centres, reading books and magazine articles.  Personally I have begun to live and breathe all things horticulture - I just love creating things and watching them grow.

We made sure that we purchased a collapsable garden cart for our purchases. 

Zaluzianskya ovata
You have the opportunity to purchase plants from many Nurseries such as this lovely South African perennial Zaluzianskya ovata which we bought from Tale Valley Nursery.

And this iron wind spinner from other stall holders like Bakers Garden Lifestyle


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