Garden design progress

Having completed the first circle shape in the lawn and cut the pathway for the second, we are now locating an adjoining third.  We are using the stone circle as an homage to the original garden in the design.  

From here we have a path in the foreground of the photo that ends at the shed door.  This design ensures that we can reach the shed from the house without standing on any soil or grass.  

We have established the stone circle in one of the brightest and sunniest parts of the garden.  The long-term plan is to create some privacy with the planting scheme/choices by breaking up the garden into zones.  At some point we will add some bistro-type furniture (when we find something we like) where we can enjoy a morning coffee.

The planting border to the left of the picture should be a few meters deep at it widest point and curved at its edge as it follows the circles down the garden. - No straight lines here!


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