Planting a British hedge

This is the ideal time to plant a hedge  The purpose of this hedge within our garden design is to:
  • create a secure boundary between the pond and the rest of the garden (to safeguard little people)
  • create a wind barrier 
  • grow a natural bird nesting site 
  • provide a source of pollen and food for wildlife  
We have decided to plant a bare-root native wildlife hedge across the 8.5 meter width of the garden.  We are leaving a gap in the middle so that we can erect a cast-iron full-length gate when the hedge eventually establishes.

We have researched this and will be following advice from the London Wildlife Trust by planting a combination of native plants.

We have prepared the planting area, removing all trace of couch grass and weeds, we have also uncovered yet more concrete :( 

String has been placed across the area.  The hedge will be planted in a criss-cross diagonal pattern about 50cm wide with a bare-root plant positioned every 25cm along the length. 

We have chosen a mixture of Hawthorn, Blackthorn and Dog-rose to form the main 70% then Field Maple for 25% and Blackberry for the remaining 5%.  

Once established we may add some English Ivy to provide some evergreen cover within the hedge. 

All planted up, now to watch it establish. 


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