Wildlife Pond Borders

As the Summer season approaches we are celebrating our pond borders which are looking stunning.  The patient weeding has paid off; whilst time consuming the only effective method we have found is to get on our hands and knees with a root weeder to dig down and pull out those roots.  

We have had an unseasonably large amount of wet weather too which has helped.  I last walked down to the bottom of the garden a week ago and in just 7 days the Hostas and the Ferns have really popped - it's a shame they are perennials but its such a joy when the do appear each year slightly larger and more established that the last and generally slug-free thanks to our frogs.

Our Ligularia The Rocket foliage has increased in size since we planted it last year and the flower heads have just begun to appear.  We are now waiting for them to shoot up like a bright yellow firework.

Having clay soil can be a curse and in this part of the garden it is very heavy clay - dig down a few inches and its orange.  We have embraced this with shade and moisture loving plants and we, like the plants and wildlife absolutely love it - its a peaceful place to contemplate life at the bottom of the garden.  


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