Clematis & climbing Hydrangea

Having looked everywhere for some inspiration for climbers and finding limited results I have decided to just go for my own idea in the hope that it will pay off with an abundance of foliage and blossom.  

We have a North to N-West facing fence that I would like nothing more than to cover in foliage and flora that will provide a long season of interest.

I'm going it alone with two plants that I feel will compliment each other and eventually cover a couple of the fence panels over the next few years.  

I have chosen a deciduous Clematis (left) with deep purple stems, green/bronze leaves and have paired that with an evergreen climbing Hydrangea (right).  My vision is that the white flowers of the Hydrangea Seemannii  and pink flowers of the Clematis montana Tetrarose will compliment each other as will the foliage.  The young leaves of the clematis are similar in shape to the hydrangea.  

The Hydrangea should flower between June and September and the Clematis between May and June.  That said I did see an Instagram post today from someone in S.Wales whose identical Clematis was still in bloom in September!

Everything that I have read about this Clematis suggests that it grows rampantly  (i'll believe it when I see it for my own eyes) and will need a strong support system.

To this end I have attached a series of 75mm zinc-plated vine hooks to two adjacent fence posts so that the eye is two inches from the fence panel surface, I have added 6 per post going up in 30cm increments to the top and then mirrored that on the fence post further down the garden.

I have attached PVC coated garden wire between each pair of vine hooks to create a sturdy framework to support the climbers and reduce damage to the fence panel.  

And there we have it two lovely specimens successfully planted together to cover the fence panel and provide some height and another area of interest - watch this space!


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