Compost Bin

A compost bin is essential for any gardener and we were gifted a large plastic one from a good friend - thanks Mary!  However, inaccessibility meant that we continued to add to it doing nothing with the product inside.  

Having looked for a solution we found inspiration in the plans here.  This builds a unit measuring 275cm L x 90cm W x 90cm H - so huge!  Not being familiar with building sizes the instructions are a bit confusing using wood that is '2x4' (size only exists when it is first cut prior to shrinkage) and '16d' nails (that refer to the roman name for a Penny coin apparently).  

This was a bit of a learning curve, we translated the sizes to metric and reduced the overall size of the unit to the space available meaning it measures 240cm L x 80cm W x 80cm H.  

I feel like a proud parent with the finished article.  We've painted it with a wood preservative the same colour as the fences so that the unit just blends in to its surroundings. 

We have tweaked the design so that we have two sections for composting stages and a smaller section for leafmould.  This has cost approx £100 and is of robust quality.


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