Garden tat

There is not much going on outside at the moment as we pass winter solstice and hurtle towards spring.  Despite the hope of new life that spring brings, we have several weeks of freezing dull weather to navigate.  

Whilst the garden looks at its worst at this time of the year, our collection of garden tat stands out as gorgeous features amongst the bare borders.  This all started with a chance sighting of a humble garden gnome a few weeks after we moved into our home.

'Woodland Wilf Looks Pail', was a thoughtful Christmas present from my partner.  I must have seen him in a GC somewhere, thought he was cute and then forgot all about his existence.  Some gardeners loathe them, I don't care, I love them. 

Cue gnome madness.  Woodland Wilf gnomes are now dotted around the garden.  They sit under trees, next to the pond and unsuccessfully guarding the bird table from pesky grey squirrels.

For my 40th Birthday my future in-laws went a step further by delivering this Peacock extravaganza, when it arrived I wasn't sure.  Having positioned it amongst the ferns around the wildlife pond it feels right at home.  This is something to consider when procuring objet d'art that perhaps looks hideous out of context on a shop shelf. 

I had thought this was the end of this escapade and wanted to steer clear of turning the garden into tackarama central, more a serious wildlife haven full of native flowers.  How wrong could I be... 

Having mentioned that I love Flamingos during a tipsy public house moment, the next Christmas I was overjoyed to be gifted these original lawn flamingos from the US of A...known fondly as Bert and Ernie (although I forget which is which).

Then a random text from a friend at the Malvern Spring Festival (Thanks M), meant we were homing Philomena next to the bird-table in the blink of an eye.

Later came Geoffrey, picked up from the Malvern Autumn Show.  As we carried him through the crowds to the car, the smiles and giggles at his large metal body and wonky eyes reaffirmed yet another excellent decision and that we were winning at this thing called gardening.  

This is just a selection of ridiculous items in our garden.  I may have posted a pic of our Pride Gnome elsewhere, our collection of owls, and our steel plant supports topped with fairies, birds and butterflies.  Gardening is supposed to be enjoyed and it brings much happiness into our lives tat and all.    


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