Garlic spray

As well as growing garlic in the veg border this year (to give the soil a rest from the usual potato crop), i'm also trying it as a gastropod deterrent in my battle to grow perfect hole-free Hosta's.

I'm using Nematodes around most of the garden, apart from the wildlife pond where the frogs will take care of things for me, so i'm using this on the pond marginals in the short-term. 

2 crushed garlic bulbs and a sliced chilli in 1 litre of water & boiled for 10 minutes

A recent trial of other home remedy's by the RHS found no evidence of success when using copper tape (used, expensive, fiddly and lacks durability), egg-shells (never tried, who eats that many eggs?), wool pellets (look absurd in the garden centre so never even purchased) and grit (tried, believed it worked, I was wrong).

A 1 litre spray bottle
Another way of avoiding slug and snail damage would be to rip everything out and replace with items from this list that are less susceptible to damage. 

Liquid strained and poured into bottle, topped back up to 1 litre
Cue boiling garlic and chillis in a litre of water for 10 minutes to try and create an organic deterrent...

Hope this works!


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