Finally got round to this

Today, I spent literally 15 minutes from start to finish, doing something that's been on my to-do-list since 2017.  

Having seed a video on GW ages ago of how easy it is to do root cuttings, I spent two years procrastinating.  Now, armed with an RHS L2 qualification in Practical Horticulture, I feel I can no-longer put it off for yet another year, and I have prepared some hybrid Japanese Anemone root cuttings.  I saw some today in pink that were 2-for£15 and thought how pricey that was.

So, if you have 15 minutes to spare, follow these steps:

1) Find plant (before you lose all the flowers, if like me you're after a particular colour), dig with fork around the base, pull out roots and cut some off

2) Moisten compost with tap water and put into module trays, pressing down to get rid of air pockets

3) Cut roots into small strips and press onto the moist compost, 1 per module

4) Cover with a thin layer of hort grit

5) Water again

6) Label and date

And there we have it, the recipe for more plants for free, saving an absolute fortune by GC standards.  Hope they produce healthy plants for my White Border! 


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