First Sarah Raven order

Thanks to a 20% off code in the Subscribers edition of Gardeners' World magazine I have spent a few hours navigating the Sarah Raven website for the first time to purchase some plants.  These will fill some narrow borders in the garden.  

I am being brave by introducing a small amount of orange to the front of the planting scheme - a colour I have steered clear of until now.  I'm not sure why as this colour contrasts well with pinks, purples and greens which I love and is a fun colour that signifies warmth and passion.

The items arrived today and were delivered by Royal Mail - I was impressed by this because I have had some negative experiences with courier companies.

Whist not all of the order was delivered today (one item that was showing in-stock was not delivered) I am really impressed with the way the plants have been packaged and that they all look really strong and healthy - probably the best quality I have ever received by mail-order. :) 

I've ordered a selection of 4 plants to plant in a 3 stage formation, 2 at the back, 1 of spreading habit in the middle and 1 for ground cover at the front.  

These are 2 tall structural plants for the back of the border Angelica Archangelica and Thalictrum Black Stockings - a gorgeous zesty lime green structure of the Angelica contrasted with the black stems, green foliage and pink airy soft flowers of the Thalictrum. 

For the middle of the planting area I have chosen a Euphorbia of spreading habit with Euphorbia amygdaloides var. robbiae.  This will eventually extend to fill the space with its tall radiating lime flower heads and dark green foliage.  

For the front of the border I have opted for a bright orange Geum.  Aptly named Geum Totally Tangerine - this should contrast nicely with the Aubrieta 'Purple Cascade' F1 Hybrid that I germinated from seed last year and are now flowering for the first time in several places in the front of borders.

Update 05/05/2017:
Received the last item today Hooray!


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