Coughton Court Gardens

Having the hottest day of the year to-date we have visited Coughton Court.  

We didn't expect the borders to be in full bloom due to the time of the year but we were pleasantly surprised and very impressed at how lush, green and bright the borders did appear in the Spring.

Being an RHS member I was happy to gain free entry!

Now i'm not a fan of yellow Daffodils but this linen-white display is beautiful swaying in the light breeze.

Whilst there are no photos of the Walled 'Hot and Cool' Garden on this page (you will have to visit) this was definitely the highlight for us. 

Visiting at this time of the year when the vegetation has not fully established meant that we could observe the planting techniques used along the long borders.  If you take a few meters and section it off in your mind and then count the plants within it, the planting scheme has been limited to a few species but many of the same, quite simple and a total delight.

Having heavy-clay soil that often gets waterlogged in the winter around the pond we were attracted to the Bog Garden. Its sheer expanse is impressive and we made notes of the plant choices within it.
Shuttlecock Ferns en-masse

Stunning views
There is no doubt in our minds that we will return as the seasons change.


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