Rydal Gardens

Rydal Mount and Gardens was the family home of the British Poet Laureate William Wordsworth for the last half of his life up to 1850.

Being completely oblivious to his contribution to literature up to now apart from  'I wandered lonely as a cloud' we were pleased to be gifted his work around this romantic woodland garden such as this from 'A Farewell', 1802:

There are some steep and narrow pathways that guide the visitor through a zig-zagged descent of the garden, each turn providing a new and equally interesting view of that which is beyond.  The vegetation even at this time of the year remains lush in the sheltered spots below the tall trees and their canopies.  I especially love the framing of the pine beyond the natural border of the garden beneath the branches of the huge Sycamore and the water streams that gurgle through rocks beneath your feet.

As the sun quickly set and dusk descended upon us we lingered by the lawn for one more moment soaking up the views of Rydal Water and the River Rothay below before making our escape towards the house and down the steep hill to the car parked at nearby Rydal Hall.  


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