Red Lily Beetle

I have spotted this little fellow on an Asian Lily today that is yet to flower - this is the first time I have planted Asiatic Lilies having had previous success with Daylily - these came free with a recent order so I decided to plant them out in pots - I wouldn't have gone out and specifically bought them of my own free will though.  

Some of the foliage has been noticeably damaged on one of the plants near the beginnings of the flower-head and I have learnt that this insect is rather unimaginatively named a Red (aka Scarlet) Lily Beetle.

Crushing it by hand (which is what I have done) was the correct elimination method and repotting the plants annually to reduce their hibernation pattern just below the soil surface is also advisable.  

I'm not sure that I will be keeping these plants for longer than this initial season, however if the flowers are especially stunning I may give them another chance.

I assume that black stuff needs to go too? -  if you have any advice please comment below. 


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