RHS Seed List

These beautiful plants which have just begun to flower, were germinated by us from seed in 2015.  They are called Hesperis matronalis/Dame's Violet/Sweet Rocket and like Digitalis/Foxgloves are Biennials.  

They formed a nice clump last year which we divided into three and moved around the garden.  This year they have shot-up from their mainly green and occasional dark purple-tingled foliage and reached a height of 130cm.

Our patience has finally been been rewarded with a bright profusion of violet and dusky pink/white flower heads which are lovely and have a delicious sweet scent.

These particular seeds originated from a perk of RHS Membership - The Seedlist which I happened to find during my first year of membership in the Members' Handbook - luckily i'm a detail oriented person so didn't miss it! 


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